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Each file takes 5 to 15 minutes to download if you have a fast, reliable internet connection. If you have slow internet service, consider STREAMING the videos instead. You can access ALL of Sadie’s videos for a monthly membership fee at:
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The ONLY way to get the files onto your iPad or mobile device is to download them to a laptop or desktop computer, and then sync with iTunes or your file browser. If you do not have access to a computer we suggest STREAMING our videos.

All Videos Bundle
(20+ hrs total run time)
Introduction to Classical Drawing and Bargue Plates (3 hrs run time)
Drawing Drapery with Chalk and Charcoal
(1 hr 10 m run time)
Cast Drawing in Charcoal and White Chalk
(1 hr 8 m run time)
NEW: Classical Figure Drawing with Chalk and Charcoal (3 hrs 17 m run time)
Oil Painting: Exercises for Mastering Value and Color (3.5 hrs run time)
Oil Painting: Indirect (Layered) Method
(3 hrs Run time)
Oil Painting: Direct Method: Common Errors in Still Life Painting (2 hrs 40 m run time)
Oil Painting: Alla Prima Peonies
(1 hr 40 m run time)
Oil Painting: Alla Prima Roses
(2 hrs run time)